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The award was brought about in partnership with MAM-Rio, whose continual process of improvement and progress is supported by the initiative and whose galleries house the exhibitions of PIPA Prize finalists.

The prize’s goal is to recognize and encourage up-and-coming artists and give them the opportunity to exhibit their work and express their ideas.

PIPA Prize is a project that was conceived, developed and is led in partnership with Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art (MAM-Rio) at every step of the way. It is a project based on a convergence of views and a continuing dialogue that is always productive and enriching.

The search for fundamental values, the ability to think independently and look ahead, to synthesize inputs from diverse and seemingly unrelated sources, these are all fundamental characteristics that are common to art and to the investment process. PIPA helps us broaden our learning horizon, acquire different perspective and meet interesting people from various backgrounds and occupations.

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